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Projects : Mind|Construct chooses our technology for AI R&D
Posted by peter on 02-02-2015

Mind|Construct BV, a new player in the realm of Artificial Intelligence, will use our code-generation technology to (quickly) build the basic infrastructure for their R&D platform. This means that the first implementation of their Artificial Intelligence system will basically run on top of our technology.

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Projects : Knowledge Wiki for Bureau Zeeweringen online
Posted by peter on 12-06-2012

The Hogeschool Zeeland, in association with OpenAdvantage, created a knowledge wiki for Project Zeeweringen. The wiki is built using Semantic MediaWiki Plus.

Projects : KnowledgeWiki KIC/MVP
Posted by peter on 05-01-2012

After an initial meeting with the Knowledge Innovation Centre (KIC) of the Maintenance Valuepark in Terneuzen, it is decided to co-develop a KnowledgeWiki for Industrial Maintenance information.

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Projects : Project-Open server for Blue-H Technologies
Posted by peter on 11-02-2011

Blue-H Technologies, a company that specialzes in building and placement of windmils on deep water, has commissioned the development and implementation of a system for managing all their intellectual property and project documentation for their product development.

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