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What is special about your code generator?

Code generators are available for many programming languages and frameworks, so why is the OpenAdvantage code generation framework special?


Our code-generator does a lot of things that 'regular' generators can not do:

  • Most code-generators only produce so called 'skeleton code', meaning that programmers need to finalize the software by (still) doing a lot of work. In most cases this means still manually implementing at least 60% or more. Our code-generator actually builds fully working software, where the level of generated functionality comes very close to 100%. But most importantly, even though we can not get to actually generate a full 100% functional complete system, the generated system is in fact fully functional for all the parts implemented and can be user-tested virtually immediately after generation.
  • Other code-generators generate 'only' code, whereas ours does generate full system documentation as well (with the help of in-line doctags).
  • Our code-generator is aimed at setting up a full project that is ready for the final tweaks. To make this possible, the generated code is highly modular and ready made for reuse.

There is always specific functionality that clients need, that can not be generated because this functionality is specific for that one client only. So there always is some manual coding involved, but we aim to make that manual part as efficient as possible. To make sure that manual coding is kept to a minimum and that coders can 'jump in' and be productive within the first hour, our system generates full coding documentation based on the initial Information Analysis.

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