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How can a generator build usable software?

Most code generators don't build full software because especially the user interface is very different between applications. How is it possible that your generator does build full software implementations?


Although there seems to be big differences in user interfaces and UI-functionality between applications, there is a very big correlation in user-interface models. Because we have over three decades of experience in both building user-interfaces and evaluating hundreds of existing applications for their functionality, user-interfaces and implementation specifics, we have accumulated insight as to what a generic user-interface needs to be functional right away. That is what we finally implemented in our generator.

Our generator implements a 'generic' user-interface, and indeed there is always some work involved in bringing that up to spec for our clients. However, the generic interface has proven to be very adequate for evaluation and testing, and being a great starting point for the client to see what has to be changed or augmented. Many clients have chosen to accept the user-interface 'as is' because it simply caters for their needs. Sometimes we only have to put their logo on it.

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