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Why are you not using UML for code-generation?

Many code-generators use UML as the basis to describe the problem domain. Also, UML is the leading Information Analysis methodology. So why have you chosen to use something different?


UML is indeed everywhere. But that in itself does not make it 'the best' for anything. One of the big drawbacks of UML is that it is very deep, and because of that it is pretty labor-intensive to produce complete UML-models for large applications. Although we acknowledge the reign of UML in the Information Analysis domain, we also acknowledge that there are other industry standards with proven track records. Some for many decades, much longer then UML is actually around.

The basic Relational Data Model has been developed long time ago, to be able to model any informational model in a way that can be implemented in database technology. Because of this, most used databases today are still Relational databases. Working from the proven and broadly supported Relational Model for analysis and generation is therefore a logical and secure choice.

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