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Can your code generator only build ERP/CRM/HRM ?

The example projects (and other information) on your website seems to suggest that the code-generator is highly domain-specific for the ERP/CRM/HRM domain. Is this the case?


Our generator has been developed being highly domain-specific. However, that domain is not ERP/CRM/HRM, but rather more 'web-based data-oriented management applications'. That means that every application in the domain of managing large data-sets and in need of a relational-modeled user-interface can be build with our technology.

For example, Mind|Construct is using our technology to (quickly) build their R&D-platform for the Artificial Intelligence engine they are developing. Our system is used to implement the data-model and a management layer (for that data), to monitor what the AI does and to be able to make changes in the data-set when needed.

Another obvious example is to build dedicated project-management tools for specific projects. Especially large development projects (in any discipline) have to manage loads of information that, in most cases, can not be catered for with standardized project management tools.

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