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About OpenAdvantage...

OpenAdvantage was started, back in 2009, as a traditional software development company, with a small staff of software developers and a main focus on developing custom build applications for SME companies in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Times have changed, and today OpenAdvantage is a 'cluster-organization', consisting of a small internal team and a large group of liaison companies around it whom facilitate our projects. This means that we take on small projects as well as very large ones; Our core staff, together with our 'external team' of specialists and our own core Software Development Technology, makes it possible to scale to large projects without compromizing our quality.

Our vision

Open Source Code

We don't like 'closed source software'! In our view the client should be able to 'look inside', to see if we are actually delivering what we promise. We also think that clients should not have to jump through hoops to get to the source code of the applications they paided for. Software Escrow is an old concept that was constructed to mitigate those problems, but working with 'open code' for our clients has taken away the problem and therefore the need for such constructions.

Quality first and last

You can only build good software if the development process is rigged to do so. Quality Control, although important, is an afterthought. We do believe that quality starts at the root: we WANT to build good software. Everything else follows from that. Our processes are managed within the Capability Maturity Model and we utilize Model Driven Architectures and world class Development Frameworks as the basis for doing what we do best.

Optimize for Application Efficiency

To make sure that our software runs EVERYWHERE without problems, we develop on top of the most available server-stack in the world: AMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP). This means that there are no additional costs for very specific hardware, OS-licenses or anything else like that. It also means that, because this server-stack is so common and known throughout the world, software implementation cycles are kept as short as possible. We have a typical project up-and-running on premise usually within one day.

Meet the OpenAdvantage team


  • Hans Peter Willems - Senior Consultant, CEO, Owner

Technical staff

  • Patrick van Hove - Media Technology & Online Presence (DTO Support)
  • Thea Haak - Senior software developer (DC-webdesign)

Facilities management

  • Peter van der Mynsbrugge - Systems Administrator (OpenITservice)

Jobs & Internships

OpenAdvantage is a developing company. We have job offers available regularly. In addition, open applications are always treated seriously and in any event immediately responded to, even if there is currently no direct placement available.

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Open Advantage is part of the
High Tech Software Cluster.

Office location:
Schouwersweg 9D
4451 HS Heinkenszand
The Netherlands

Postal address:
Punt 33
4332 AC Middelburg
The Netherlands

Tel: +31(0)615-603-315

K.v.K Zuid-West Nederland 28104878

OpenAdvantage is a registered trade name of Twin Pepper BV
Educational Accreditation

OpenAdvantage is fully accredited as a training company for Software Development and Digital Media Design.

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