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Project/code-base Generation

Our code-generation technology surpasses the common idea of code generation. Instead of 'just' generating scaffolding code, our system generates a fully working and functional system, ready for testing and (shadow) roll-out. In addition it builds a complete organized project structure with full documentation.

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Building the project

Even though our code-generater gets very close to the '100% generated' mark, every project has a custom part that can not be build by a generator. So eventually, real programmers are involved in finalizing the project. However, our vision of building extremely good applications with a code-generator, extends to the 'manual programming phase' as well. Our code generation platform takes all documentation from the information analysis phase and builds comprehensive in-line documentation in the generated code, that is used to generate full API-documentation for the programmers. Also, the information analysis phase delivers a fully annotated and documented data-model that is ready for reference by the programmers.

Bug-free software

Because code-generation is a technology that repeats its steps, bugs are showing up directly because they are 'generated' in many parts of the system. Debugging the code-generator is therefore much easier then debugging human-produced code. The code-generator is also being utilized in many projects, making any existing bugs in generated code even more obvious to find. This results in the fact that generated code is basically bug-free, and testing the software can therefore focus on functionality instead of technicalities.

Out of the box functionality

Our code-generation platform is being extended on an almost daily basis. Driven by client requests in projects, we are constantly adding new (generated) features to the system. This is a major driver in getting the generated functionality to where it is today... and we're still going.

A small example of the 'out of the box' functionality that is build by our system:

  • Full CRUD (create, update, read, delete) on all tables.
  • Add related records on 'mother' records, with full GUI implementation.
  • Subset views on specific status fields.
  • Add images to records.
  • Full support for importing datasets into each table.
  • Automatic generation of WYSIWYG editors in screens.
  • Automatic generation of HTML-editors in screens.
  • Search on specific fields in a table.
  • Sort on any table column in views.
  • Switch boolean states directly from list views.
  • User logins.
  • Full i18n GUI localization per user.

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