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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This is a basic CRM-application, catering for all the functionality that such a system should at least have. Of course this is a 'springboard' to a fully customized implementation for service industries and commercial sales divisions alike.

Implemented functionality
  • Organizations, contacts, locations.
  • Meetings & phone calls management, including extensive meeting reports.
  • Projects with related contacts, meetings, reports.
  • Employees & departments.
  • Lead & prospect management.
  • Opportunity management (sales funnel).

Actual development effort

This demo application was completely build as-is with our Code Generation platform.

  • Analysis effort: 2 days
  • Deliverables: working application, full data-model & API documents
  • Installation effort needed (roll-out): 2-4 hours

Code statistics


Below you see the code-metrics for this application. The shown line counts are purely generated code, without the underlying CakePHP framework. These metrics therefore represent the actual specific application (database handling, business logic and user interface).

Cocomo II

Cocomo II is a software cost calculation tool. Initially developed by NASA, it has been tuned towards modern development practices for decades. Its main aim is to calculate up-front the cost of a certain development (based on function point analysis), but it can also calculate the cost and effort involved to 're-develop' a known code-base (based on code metrics).

Below is a calculation of the needed cost and effort to develop and implement this application without the use of our Code Generation Technology.

IMPORTANT NOTE: several personnel drivers in the model where set to high, taking into account that the developer team consist of highly skilled and efficient working developers. This brings down cost and effort dramatically, so this is a 'best case scenario'. Cost is actually calculated in Euros, based on a medial 75 Euro hourly rate across all disciplines (so in the graph $ = €). Calculation is based on the actual 'code lines' metric.

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