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We think of ourselves as an innovative company. Not because we think we are, but because we aspire to be. Innovation is something that a company does and here at OpenAdvantage, we certainly 'do innovation'.

We are constantly searching for ways to do things differently. To leave the common paths and to find our own way and our own solutions. However, this is a very disruptive way of organizing a company. Because of that, innovation is in our company's DNA. We live and breathe 'change' and are very capable of handling 'change' because of that.

Disruptive technology

Our software development technology has a disruptive quality. It goes against the traditional view of software development. Using Model Driven Architectures and Code Generation creates a totally different way of looking at the development process. The final quality of the application is determined largely at the Information Analysis stage of the project, instead of having to manage the 'output quality' of human resources. It also means that out clients get to test and react to the developed system very early in the process, which makes customer feedback an instant quality driver for the final product.

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OpenAdvantage is fully accredited as a training company for Software Development and Digital Media Design.

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