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If you are interested to participate in our company, please contact us to make an appointment. We would like the opportunity to explain the possibilities and potential of our company and especially our technology.

Investments and participation

OpenAdvantage is a privately held company. Currently we have no investors on board and the company is fully owned by Hans Peter Willems. If you think that your participation can leverage the market potential of our company, we are willing to discuss possibilities for stock-transfer, options or other forms of participation or funding.

Technology transfer

Our Code Generation Technology can be used in many scenarios for software development. It is also possible to implement the base-technology as a basis for newly developed special purpose generators. Because of this, licensing our technology (in several forms) is possible. We are also open to discuss other options like full technology ownership transfer, full asset takeover or management buy-out scenarios (see below).

Management buy-out

Over the last few years, our internal development focus has shifted from doing customer specific software development, to technology development and generation of Intellectual Property. We are still operational as a supplier of custom software development, but we are looking to expand our internal technological R&D. The preferred scenario would be to 'move under the wings' of a bigger company, or to do a full transfer of ownership. In that case it is possible to have our commitment to support further development for a agreed period, as part of the deal.

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Open Advantage is part of the
High Tech Software Cluster.

Office location:
Schouwersweg 9D
4451 HS Heinkenszand
The Netherlands

Postal address:
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The Netherlands

Tel: +31(0)615-603-315

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OpenAdvantage is a registered trade name of Twin Pepper BV
Educational Accreditation

OpenAdvantage is fully accredited as a training company for Software Development and Digital Media Design.

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