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Knowledge Management

Resulting from our own needs to manage large amounts of knowledge for both our in-house technological developments, and the actual projects we do for our clients, we developed a Knowledge Management strategy that complements our other internal processes and our overall company vision.

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Knowledge drives Quality and Innovation

If you are into innovation and/or quality assurance seems a good thing to have, then your organization is by default driven by knowledge. However, many companies fail to actually manage that knowledge, at least in an efficient and supportive way. Knowledge Management, and more importantly Knowledge Engineering, are basic drivers in developing your company's organizational strategies, competitive strengths and overall competences. Having a strategy and a system to support fast and direct access to the company's collective knowledge and experience has become one of the key habits of successful organizations.

The KnowledgeWiki concept

The most famous Knowledge Management project on the planet is Wikipedia. It shows that making knowledge available automatically drives the maintenance and expansion of that knowledge. Taking a cue from Wikipedia, implementing some sort of local Wiki in the organization seems a logical step. However, maintaining such a platform in a way that it makes 'access to knowledge' fast and effective, needs serious moderation resources. Enter "Semantic Web Technology': Using such technology for building interlinked content lessens the need for human moderation to an absolute minimum.

OpenAdvantage provides both implementation of Semantic Wiki Technology, and the user-training to work with it. Training is delivered in-house at our client's location.


TopicSpaces is a concept for Knowledge Dissemination in Semantic-web based Wikis. It automatically builds topical dashboards based on simple tagging of wiki-pages. This means that regular users can drive the dissemination of knowledge in the organization, with very little effort and no need for in-depth training.

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