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If you want to write an article or do a presentation about OpenAdvantage or Hans Peter Willems, this presskit is the starting point to get you going. We can supply additional specific information if needed.

Hans Peter is available for interviews, but due to his dense schedule appointments need to be made well in advance.

About Hans Peter Willems...

Hans Peter is a long time entrepreneur, software engineer, independent scientific researcher, trendwatcher and technology scout. He was born in 1964 in Leiden, The Netherlands and has now lived for over twentyfive years in the Zeeland province in The Netherlands.

Business history

He started his first software company in 1990, and has founded several companies and other organisations since. Currently he is running OpenAdvantage, a software development company, and Mind|Construct, a scientific R&D project aimed at implementing a computermodel for machine based consciousness.

Software Engineering

Hans Peter’s great passion has always been Software Engineering and related areas like Software Process Management, Software Quality Assurance (his company has implemented CMM, currently at level 3 and moving upwards), Model Driven Architectures (including code generation concepts), and he has over a million lines of code written using more then twenty programming languages. His company (OpenAdvantage) deploys a code generator, developed by Hans Peter, that builds fully functional web-based business applications based on early domain analysis (using XML-based ERD-models).

Scientific research & development

Stemming from his, now over thirty years long, comprehensive experience in software development and programming, Hans Peter has moved into the field of Artificial Intelligence and specifically Machine Consciousness. Based on many years of scientific research, he has developed a computer model for ‘Emotion based knowledge comprehension’. Together with a team of scientists from several universities in the Netherlands, he is now in the process of implementing a prototype and proof of concept of this model.

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